The Tunnel Gallery

Explore our gallery of images from the Alloway Tunnel, our community and our inspiration for bringing this project to life.

The Ireland family (mum, dad and young daughter) helping to paint the mural at one of our mural art workshops in Burns Cottage. The pupils from Doonfoot Primary School visit the tunnel to admire their artwork. The artist Chris Rutterford is up a ladder attaching a large blue bird to the mural on the branch of the tree that the children painted. Photo credit: Rosa Finucane P4-P7 Doonfoot Primary School pupils who helped our artist paint the mural, visited the tunnel to see their work hung on the wall. Chris Rutterford, artist, is standing on top of his ladder welcoming the pupils and thanking them for all their hard work. Primary school children helping to paint the mural at one of our mural art workshops in Burns Cottage. Mhairi Ireland is one of our volunteers helping to keep the pupils on task!Some of the girls from Doonfoot Primary School who are visiting the tunnel to see their artwork on the wall. Photo credit: Rosa Finucane Our artist Chris Rutterford poses for a selfie with a group of boys from Doonfoot Primary School. Photo credit: Rosa FinucaneOur mural artist has painted a seven foot white cockerel! It's a tribute to a very special and much loved rooster who is no longer with us. He now has pride of place surrounded by the menagerie of farmyard animals painted last September in the Burns Cottage mural workshops. Our mural artist Chris Rutterford is pictured here being interviewed by Rachel Stewart from BBC Radio Scotland's Out of Doors programme. Photo credit Rosa FinucaneA close up image of our mural showing very large snowdrops, a beautiful bee and an enormous conker! Photo credit: Rosa FinucaneHundreds of P4 - P7 pupils from Doonfoot Primary School visited the tunnel to see their artwork hung on the wall. Here is a group of them standing in front of their work all ready to cheer and shout at the STV camera operator. Photo credit: Rosa Finucane. A close up of giant daffodils on the mural. We have planted real daffodil bulds at the entrance to the tunnel and we will plant many more bulbs later this year. Photo credit: Rosa Finucane.One of the key images Chris Rutterford has painted into this mural: a portrait of Robert Burns at his desk in his cottage. His collie dog Luath by his side. Photo credit: Rosa Finucane