About Us

About the Alloway Tunnel ART Project

Our project is to transform the old Alloway railway tunnel into a safe and inspiring place for the community.

The inside of the Alloway Tunnel Project before work commenced, looking dreary and run down with vandalism.
Our Mission

Helping our community

We are a SCIO Charitable Trust with diverse trustees from a wide range of backgrounds. Our goal is to enhance the path between Alloway and Doonfoot  whilst providing young people with skill-building opportunities.

Enhance visitor experience

Proud of its Burns heritage, Alloway aims to offer an exceptional experience to residents and visitors exploring the idyllic village.

Celebrate our heritage

An interactive mural in Ayrshire celebrates our heritage, providing a lasting legacy that captivates visitors and encourages repeated exploration.

Encourage active travel

By improving our cycle path through the village, we hope to encourage more people to enjoy cycling and walking and experience all the wellbeing benefits this brings.

Three people standing outside the Alloway Tunnel holding a certificate
Stuart Bates, a trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project on a bike outside the tunnel, wearing a bright orange jacket
Our Mission

Empower, Create, Transform

Improve skills

Engaging schools and youth groups, our art workshops aim to involve children in the mural creation, helping to foster pride and a sense of ownership.

A vibrant community project

Accessible to all, our creative workshops unite adults in painting the mural, community engagement, rehabilitation, and enjoyable social connections.

Work experience opportunities

Empowering Ayrshire College students, giving them diverse work experience opportunities enhance their skills, knowledge, and confidence for career success in various fields.

The Artist

Chris Rutterford

Renowned mural artist Chris Rutterford creates ambitious, multidisciplinary projects that touch and nurture communities, bringing collective optimism and a sense of belonging.

Colinton tunnel, edinburgh

Our Inspiration

The transformation of The Colinton Tunnel, Edinburgh

Although it may be difficult to believe, the Colinton Tunnel was a grim, scary, badly-lit and graffiti-covered place five years ago. Just like the Alloway Tunnel ART project we had a vision to change things, to create something magical and to create a destination that would bring people to our wee village. Our art team, led by Chris Rutterford and helped by young people from four schools, voluntary organisations and the wider community, created the stunning and immersive illustrated storybook that people now walk and ride through. We have been pleased to share our experiences with the ART team and wish you every success in transforming your own railway tunnel into a visual delight

Mike Scott
Project Chairman for the Colinton Tunnel Mural Project

A photo of the board of trustees standing over Artist Chris Rutterford, signing his contract for the project with Luby Likan.
funding & grants

Peoples Postcode Lottery

This work has been made possible by an award from People’s Postcode Trust, a grantgiving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Logos for the Peoples Postcode Lottery (Left) and Peoples Postcode Trust (Right)
Our Location

Getting to the Tunnel:

A map of the area around Alloway showing where the tunnel is located.
Murdoch's Lone
Alloway, Ayr
United Kingdom

Meet the Trustees

Meet the people involved in helping bring this project to life

A landscape headshot photo of Bill McKinley, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
William McKinlay

William is a retired Offshore Installation Manager,  who brings extensive experience in complex project management to the team. He possesses a unique ability to remain focused on achievable objectives, even in challenging situations.

A headshot photo of Raymond Sykes, the Treasurer and Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Raymond Sykes

Raymond has a background in finance, banking, and investment. Collaborating with local students, he finds inspiration in their enthusiasm, skill, and expertise as they support the project, working together to bring positive change to their community.

A headshot photo of Ron Ireland, the Chair and Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Ron Ireland

A retired civil engineer, Ron currently dedicates his time to assisting with the ongoing efforts to improve the local infrastructure to help improve the path networks in the South Ayrshire area and create better pathways for the community.

A headshot photo of Stuart Bates, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Stuart Bates

A dedicated retired social worker with a wealth of experience, Stuart envisions this project as a unique opportunity for positive change by involving young people from across the community in the creation of the mural.

A headshot photo of Shelagh McLachlan, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Shelagh McLachlan

Recently retired from her role as the Head of Marketing for Ayrshire College, Shelagh brings a wealth of marketing experience to the project, with a strong focus on connecting students with practical learning opportunities.

A headshot photo of Lewis Connor, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Lewis Connor

Leveraging his background as a Business student, Lewis brings valuable skills to advance the project. With a strong understanding of business principles, he offers strategic insights and a results-oriented approach to drive its success.

A headshot photo of Ian Burrell, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Ian Burrell

Boasting 50 years in the insurance industry and active roles in charities like Abbotsford House and the Brain Tumour Charity, formerly Vice-Chairman at the Caledonian Club in Belgravia, Ian will bolster our presence globally.

A headshot photo of Chris Waddell, a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project
Chris Waddell

Chris is the Learning Manager for the NTS Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, which is located close to the tunnel. Chris is a great supporter of the ART project and will bring his skills, knowledge and experience to help create the new Go-To destination in Alloway.

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Would you like to become a Trustee for the Alloway Tunnel Project? We'd love to chat to you! Contact us below for more information.

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